Services for Swedish Growth Companies

Combine your potential with Europe’s economic engine

Services for Swedish growth companies

Scale your company by entering the DACH region

Sweden and Germany have a long culture of cooperation. This has been strengthened in recent years, not least through the German-Swedish Innovation Partnership. The DACH region combines the German speaking countries Germany, Switzerland and Austria (GSA) as Europe’s economic engine.

Scalania AG is a German corporate finance firm that runs a cross-border operation between Germany and Sweden and has extensive experience in supporting growth companies regarding entering the DACH market.

We speak Swedish, English and German and the business is run by both Swedish and German representatives.
We work on a success basis.

Define market entry strategies

With our profound knowledge of the DACH market we support our clients in developing target-oriented market entry strategies.

Identify potential investors/ partners

From our continously growing network of investors and partners, we identify the right match for our clients.

Initiate contact with investors/ partners

In close collaboration with our clients, we initiate contact to potential investors and partners.

Support from contact to agreement

We support our clients along the overall process until an agreement with a potential partner or investor is signed.

Scalania Growth Market
culture of cooperation

DACH market characteristics

Cultural fit

The DACH region shares similar values, is focused on quality & reliability and is proud of its engineering skills

Growing relationship

The DACH region is Sweden's largest & most important business partner with ~1800 Swedish-owned companies in Germany

Industry focus

The DACH region is focused on the same main industries (automotive, ICT, Med Tech & Life Sciences)

Market potential

The DACH region is Europe's economic engine with Germany as the 4th largest economy in the world

CUlture of cooperation

DACH market characteristics - Bitte diese Sektion komplett ausblenden. Ist nicht mehr notwendig! inklusive der 4 Icons

Access to investors

The best of two worlds. Become part of a unique hybrid with access to German and Nordic investors (800.000+)

Cost-benefit ratio

Better cost-benefit ratio for successful financing compared to common financing

Maintaining control

Stay as a German company and maintain control, e.g. compared to venture capital investments

Improved image

Improved image as a listed company incl. increased attention for the company and advantages in recruiting

There is a huge potential to accelerate business growth via the DACH region. We can only encourage growth companies to take that step.

– Klaas Rackebrandt, CEO