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Financing strategy

Securing the right amount of capital at the right time

As business developers by heart, we offer strategic advice to our clients when needed through close collaboration and always with the goal of long-term success. Together with our clients we develop a long-term financing strategy that suits their needs. That includes the decision if going public is the right option and the project managament until the initial public offerings (IPOs). Down the road, our advisory is always based on deploying a humble yet ambitious mindset and supporting our clients before, during, and after the listing.


Independent advisory for nanocap IPOs

Including some of the world’s most experienced consultants in nanocap capitalization, we advise and support our clients in pre-IPOs (e.g. bridge-financing, pre-subscription) and IPOs, share issues, right share issues, secondary listings and more. As such we accompany our clients as overall project managers – from the choice of trading venue to the orchestration of sub-vendors. This allows our clients to focus on developing their business while we drive the process, because a successful public company is resilient and makes real progress along the defined corporate roadmap.​


The advantages of an IPO for a German growth company

Access to investors

The best of two worlds. Become part of a unique hybrid opportunity with access to German and Nordic investors (800.000+)

Cost-benefit ratio

Better cost-benefit ratio for successful financing compared to common financing

Maintain control

Retain the registration of your company in Germany and maintain control, e.g. compared to venture capital investments

Improved image

Improved image as a listed company incl. increased attention for the company and advantages in recruiting

Increased valuation

Usually a higher company valuation for listed companies

Valuation fix point

Fixed valuation point in the case of acquisitions, takeovers and future capital acquisition

Are you suitable to go public?

Besides effort to benefit evaluations, several characteristics indicate if a nanocap is suitable for an IPO.


Increase sales, market share and company size

Every company and capitalization journey is different. We tailor capitalization strategies to ensure that a nanocap’s potential can be fulfilled, phase by phase, by taking in the right amount of capital at the right time. If you are a listed or non-listed nanocap, we are here to help you raise capital, from start to finish. We help you to define the capital need, what type of investors you should approach, feedback on your deck and connect you to our network of investors. Because: We believe entrepreneurs should focus on building their business.

We are constantly expanding our own database of active investors who are always looking for interesting companies across industries and have access to investors in Scandinavia and the DACH region.

Listed companies

Long-term services after the IPO

As a listed company, you have defined reporting obligations and possibilities to shape the image of the company. Furthermore, it is important for the success of the company to inform active and potential investors. We assist our clients to thrive as a listed company and advise on additional fundraising that are required to fulfill their strategic roadmap.

With Scalania, customers have a loyal partner with experience. We'll help you emerge a winner from the process, no matter which side you're on. On the sell side, we advise our clients regardless of whether selling their business is a desire that has grown over time or an option that has appeared out of the blue. As experienced consultants, we support you all the way from the definition of the plan to find the right buyer, through the implementation of necessary adjustments in the company, to the conclusion of the sales process.

– Klaas Rackebrandt, CEO