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We support nanocaps in all financial aspects.


Innovative corporate finance services for nanocaps

SCALANIA AG is a corporate finance boutique specializing in IPO project management for fast-growing nanocaps. We are the right partner for companies and investors looking for discreet, conflict-free and professional advice, regardless of whether you are an IPO candidate or looking for investment opportunities.


The Scandinavian growth company stock market acts as a role model

The Swedish market emerged as early as 1984 but only gained public attention in the late 1990s. Parallel to this development, regulations have been tightened to increase the quality of listed companies, ensure verification and increase transparency. Ecosystems emerged around the trading venues, consisting of news agencies, analysis firms, online brokers and trading venues themselves. This has been instrumental in giving the growth stock market credibility with investors. Today, this infrastructure of news flow is also supplemented by social media, further increasing security for investors.

For Swedish private investors it has long been standard to trade growth companies as part of their portfolio.

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Our goal is to support our customers with all financing issues in order to realize their full growth with an IPO, to become the market leader in their industry and to make a contribution to society based on economic success.

– Klaas Rackebrandt, CEO

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The UNITY Innovation Alliance supports companies with end-to-end expertise in the digitalization of business models, products and services – from conception to implementation. The member companies of the UNITY Innovation Alliance contribute their specific competencies to make their customers become digitalization winners. In addition, the UNITY Innovation Alliance supports start-ups in various growth phases through the Company Builder and Corporate Finance.

Spotlight Group was established in 1997 and is a group consisting of independent businesses with a common purpose – to simplify growth for companies. Spotlight Group’s underlying businesses are Spotlight Stock Market, Markets & Corporate Law, Sedermera Corporate Finance, Seahouse Capital, Nordic Issuing, Shark Communication, Kalqyl and Placing Corporate Finance.


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