Interview Series – Why should you invest in nanocap companies?

SCALANIA Interview Series Part 1

Interview with Mette Gross on why you should invest in nanocap companies

We start our interview series with an exclusive interview with Mette Gross, a renowned expert on the nanocap stock markets in Sweden. In this interview, Mette offers us invaluable insights into the world of nanocap investing. She reveals her criteria for identifying investment opportunities in nanocap companies and shares her observations on the increasing interest of retail investors in this sector. Additionally, Mette opens up about her involvement in taking mandates for board positions in these smaller enterprises.

We’re grateful to Mette for sharing her expertise with us. We hope that it will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic nanocap market through Mette’s expertise and experience.


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About Mette Gross:

Mette Gross holds multiple positions as a board member and chairwoman of publicly listed nanocap companies from Sweden and Denmark. Mette Gross is Chairwoman at Tendo AB and Qlife ApS. Mette Gross is also Deputy Director at Lennart Holm Development AB, Deputy Director at Axolot Solutions AB, Deputy Director at Holm & Gross Holding AB and Deputy Director at Holm Investment AB and on the board of 5 other companies. In the past she was Chairwoman for Qlife Holding AB, Chief Financial Officer of Iconovo AB, Director-Controlling at Coloplast An and Chief Financial Officer for Vigmed Holding AB. She received a graduate degree from the University of Southern Denmark.