Interview Series – Why should you get listed?

SCALANIA Interview Series Part 2

Interview with Sofie Woge on why you should get listed as a nanocap company

This time, we focus on the reasons why nanocap companies get listed on the stockmarket early and their unique challenges. We’re thrilled to have Sofie Woge, CEO of Tendo AB, as our interview partner.

Check it out now and stay tuned for more insights on this fascinating topic!


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About Sofie Woge:

Sofie Woge is the CEO of the robotic, design driven, company called Tendo. At Tendo, they are developing an exoskeleton for those with lack hand function due to a spinal cord injury. They are creating independence and quality of life while addressing global health care challenges. She is also on the board of Lund Business Incubator AB and has a background in Engineering and Productdesign with a Bachelor Degree from Chalmers University and a Masters from Lund Technical University.