Interview Series – Why is a nanocap stock exchange an interesting opportunity?

SCALANIA Interview Series Part 3

Interview with Markus Neuding on the opportunities offered by a nanocap stock exchange

Welcome to this insightful interview with Markus Neuding, VP of Spotlight Group AB, where we delve into the opportunities that stock exchanges present for nano and microcap companies. Today, we explore how these smaller enterprises can leverage the market to fuel growth and connect with investors. Join us as we uncover the strategies and potential that await in the world of stock exchanges for these dynamic businesses.

Let’s dive in and discover the possibilities together!


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About Markus Neuding:

Executive VP of Spotlight Group AB since 2020. Born 1990. Graduated with a LL.M. from Lund University. Previously, Markus was hired as Chief Operating Officer for Spotlight Group Group in 2016 and has since then held several positions within the Group, for example installation-forced board member in the subsidiary ATS Finans AB. In the years 2018–2020, Markus also held the position of CEO of MCL. Additionally, Neuding has experience from a law firm with a focus on securities, stock market and company law. In 2018, Markus Neuding was named one of Sweden’s 101 super talents by Veckans Affärer.